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Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519) Paesaggio con fiume

Italian Renaissance master who was fascinated by science and invention, drawing and painting, sculpture, math, music, literature, geology, and more. In fact, his understanding of geology and the natural world around him can be seen in his earliest known drawing (pictured), a landscape drawing of the valley of Arno and Montelupo castle. While he is not necessarily renowned for his landscape works, da Vinci was said to have been ahead of his time in this drawing and other early compositions. Today, this landscape drawing for Santa Maria Della Neve can be seen in the Uffizi Gallery in Florence.

Mullen Books storefront

Their current catalogued inventory can be viewed online, where inquiring minds and researchers will also find the information on over 48,000 out-of-stock items still available for perusal. 

Mullen Books, Inc. is located in beautiful Lancaster County, PA in the historic town of Columbia, along the banks of the scenic Susquehanna River. My location is very convenient to New York (4 hours), Philadelphia (90 minutes), Harrisburg (40 minutes), Lancaster (15 minutes), Baltimore (80 minutes), Washington, DC (2 hours) and Richmond (4 hours).

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