Spanierman Gallery

Spanierman Gallery, under the direction of Ira Spanierman since the 1960s, has been the leading proponent of American Art and American Artists to collectors and institutions. They have produced well over 100 scholarly publications both on individual artists and artistic genres and movements. They also undertook the preparation and presentation of the first 3 volumes of the Winslow Homer Catalogue Raisonne. The reputation of Spanierman Gallery for original research and impeccable scholarship have set a standard by which all others are measured.
With the retirement of Ira Spanierman in December 2014, after more than 60 years of tireless service to his passion for American Art, Mullen Books is proud and fortunate to be the custodian and provider of the Spanierman Gallery catalogue of printed and sponsored publications. These books, many of them seminal publications in the field, are available individually or in wholesale groups. If you do not see a publication listed, please inquire as we have some that have not been catalogued yet!