Question: Do you buy books?

Answer: The simple answer is YES! However, we prefer to deal in lots/collections/libraries not individual titles. Wholesale lots provide a "safe" way to purchase for us while providing our clients a means to move their unwanted titles efficiently and cost effectively. Individual titles would need to be rare. Please remember we would be buying any individual title based on the profit we can garner for resale and current market prices.

What do you buy?

I'll buy a lot of different types of books. I mostly buy books I think I have a good likelihood of selling at a profit. That way I can continue to do what I love to do. I focus on non-fiction titles relating in some way or fashion to the fine and decorative arts, but I do not limit myself to these areas. I also have large holdings of Architecture and Photography, for instance. I buy library duplicates when they complement my inventory, either by selective or wholesale acquisition.

What won't you buy?

Well, Readers' Digests are certainly out, as are National Geographics. And many other things. Some books have lost their utility, some books never had any to begin with and many titles are now available digitally. Importantly, though, I see myself as providing both knowledge and a service to my customers. That means if you need me to take everything and make your book situation go away, I can accommodate you. If you want me to cherry pick, I can also do that. Books that I do not keep here in my inventory are donated to the Lancaster County (Pennsylvania) Public Library for their Annual book sale. I can provide you with a receipt for a donation (divided between softcover and hardcover books) for tax purposes if you request one. Depending on your filing status, this may be deductible. I deal well with institutions, individuals and estates. I purchase working scholar's libraries as well as libraries from hardcore bibliophiles.

How do you buy?

I like to see the books in person, but this is not an absolute requirement. I can sometimes work from pictures and / or lists. As such, I do focus on the areas along the Eastern Seaboard between Newfoundland and Florida, and westward towards Ohio and south from there. I will travel for good books and libraries.

When do you buy?

Most anytime people have books to sell. And I have space to put them.

Who have you dealt with that I can talk to?

I will be happy to furnish references upon request.

How can I contact you?

Telephone:       717-618-0481



Kevin Mullen, Bookseller
P.O. Box 472
Marietta, PA 17547-0472