The Mystic Oracle; or, The Complete Fortune Teller and Dream Book (No. 21 of The People's Handbook Series)

New York: F. M. Lupton, 1893. Softbound. Fragile brownish paper wraps. 56 pp., (8 blank pp.), several tables. Fair cover sheets and pages are stained, ripped and has a little bit of loss. About 9 of the last sheets are dog-eared at the lower corner. This item is inherently fragile and does not suffer handling well. An item of historical significance which might be an excellent candidate for digitization. Item #123992

One long-lost competitor to "Aunt Sally's" was "The Mystic Oracle; or The Complete Fortune-Teller and Dream Book," published in 1893 as #21 in "The People's Handbook Series" by F. M. Lupton of New York. In a mere 56 pages, this pamphlet not only encompasses Oneirology (divination by dreams) and The French Oraculum or Book of Fate, but it also explains the secrets of Zodiceology (divination of lucky and unlucky days and hours); Palmistry; Naeviology (foretelling by moles, marks, and scars); Physiognomy (foretelling from hair and features); Cardiology (foretelling by cards, dice, and dominoes); Charms, Spells, and Incantations! The last item in this pamphlet is the Oraclum. Apparently there were several editions of this pamphlet, as a copy in Dickinson College claims to be incomplete, ending with the dream topic of "leaping" on page 30. This copy contains that entry at the end of the first column on page 42. Extremely rare.

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