The Collected works of J. Willard Gibbs (2 volumes). JJ Willard Gibbs.
The Collected works of J. Willard Gibbs (2 volumes)
The Collected works of J. Willard Gibbs (2 volumes)

The Collected works of J. Willard Gibbs (2 volumes)

New Haven: Yale University Press, 1948. Hardcover. 2 Volumes. Blue cloth boards with gilt lettering on spine. 2 volumes illustrations Vol 1 434. Vol 2 284. VG ex-lib copy. Associated library markings and stickers on both volumes. Covers have discoloration and fading. Bookblocks have age toning. Somes pages have corners bent. Item #187448

Contents: Volume 1. Thermodynamics -- 1. Graphical methods in the thermodynamics of fluids -- 2. A method of geometrical representation of the thermodynamic properties of substances by means of surfaces -- 3. On the equilibrium of heterogeneous substances -- 4. Abstract of the "Equilibrium of heterogeneous substances" -- 5. On the vapor-densities of peroxide of nitrogen, formic acid, acetic acid, and perchloride of phosphorus -- 6. On an alleged exception to the second law of thermodynamics -- 7. Electrochemical thermodynamics: two letters to the secretary of the Electrolysis Committee of the British Association for the Advancement of Science -- 8. Semi-permeable films and osmotic principles -- 9. Unpublished fragments of a supplement to the "Equilibrium of heterogeneous substances." Volume 2, Part 1. Elementary principles in statistical mechanics -- 1. General notions: the principle of conservation of extension-in-phase -- 2. Application of the principle of conservation of extension-of-phase to the theory of errors -- 3. Application of the principle of conservation of extension-of-phase to the integration of the differential equations of motion -- 4. On the distribution-in-phase called canonical, in which the index of probability is a linear function of the energy -- 5. Average values in a canonical ensemble of systems -- 6. Extension-in-configuration and extension-in-velocity -- 7. Farther discussion of averages in a canonical ensemble of systems -- 8. On certain important functions of the energies of a system -- 9. The function [phi] and the canonical distribution -- 10. On a distribution in phase called microcanonical in which all the systems have the same energy -- 11. Maximum and minimum properties of various distributions in phase -- 12. On the motion of systems and ensembles of systems through long periods of time -- 13. Effect of various processes on an ensemble of systems -- 14. Discussion of thermodynamic analogies -- 15. Systems composed of molecules. Volume 2, Part 2. Dynamics, vector analysis and multiple algebra, electromagnetic theory of light, etc. -- [Section 1] Dynamics -- 1. On the fundamental formulae of dynamics -- 2. On the fundamental formula of statistical mechanics with applications to astronomy and thermodynamics (abstract) -- [Section 2] Vector analysis and multiple algebra -- 3. Elements of vector analysis, arranged for the use of students in physics -- 4. On multiple algebra: vice-president's address before the American Association for the Advancement of Science -- 5. On the determination of elliptic orbits from three complete observations -- 6. On the use of the vector method in the determination of orbits: letter to the editor of Klinkerfues' "Theoretische Astronomie" -- 7. On the rôle of quaternions in the algebra of vectors -- 8. Quaternions and the "Ausdehnungslehre" -- 9. Quaternions and the algebra of vectors -- 10. Quaternions and vector analysis -- [Section 3] The electrodynamic theory of light -- 11. On double refraction and the dispersion of colors in perfectly transparent media -- 12. On double refraction in perfectly transparent media which exhibit the phenomena of circular polarization -- 13. On the general equations of monochromatic light in media of every degree of transparency -- 14. A comparison of the elastic and the electrical theories of light with respect to the law of double refraction and the dispersion of colors -- 15. A comparison of the electric theory of light and Sir William Thomson's theory of a quasi-labile ether -- [Section 4] Miscellaneous papers -- 16. Reviews of Newcomb and Michelson's "Velocity of light in air and refracting media" and of Ketteler's "Theoretische Optik" -- 17. On the velocity of light as determined by Foucault's revolving mirror -- 18. Velocity of propagation of electrostatic force -- 19. Fourier's series -- 20. Rudolf Julius Emanuel Clausius -- 21. Hubert Anson Newton.

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