Item #175845 Art, Biology, and Conservation: Biodeterioration of Works of Art. Robert J. Koestler.
Art, Biology, and Conservation: Biodeterioration of Works of Art

Art, Biology, and Conservation: Biodeterioration of Works of Art

New York: Metropolian Museum of Art, 2003. Hardcover. Color illustrated boards with white lettering, white spine with black lettering, 572 pp, illustrated in bw and color. As new in shrinkwrap. Item #175845
ISBN: 9781588391070

Papers presented at the conference of the same name held at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, June 13-15, 2002. Contents include: The evaluation of biodeterioration processes on cultural objects and approaches for their effective control / Th. Warscheid -- Preserving the timbers of the Tudor warship Mary Rose / A.M. Jones [and others] -- Biodeterioration studies on pastels and oil-based paintings / M. Berovic -- Chemical and microbiological causes of deterioration of toothbrushes that used to belong to prisoners of Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp : research and methods of their conservation / A. Strzelczyk and H.E. Rosa -- Collateral damage : anthrax, gas, and radiation / D. Erhardt [and others] -- An introduction to Tiffany studies / A.M. Baldwin -- Studies of fungal infestations of Tiffany's drawings : limits and advantages of classical and molecular techniques / M.P. Di Bonaventura [and others] -- Enzymatic approach to removal of fungal spots from drawings on paper / F.E. Nieto-Fernandez [and others] -- Artworks, drawings, prints, and documents -- fungi eat them all! / H.M. Szczepanowska and A.R. Cavaliere -- Practical applications of enzymes in paper conservation / Y. Van Dyke -- Fungal-problem monitoring for heritage collections : the need for baseline reference levels for fungal structures and beta-glucans / M.-L.E. Florian -- Characterization of bacteria isolated from naturally aged silk fibroin / O. Ciferri, M.E. Becker, and E. De Rossi -- Microbial communities in caves : ecology, physiology, and effects on Paleolithic paintings / L. Laiz, J.M. Gonzalez, and C. Saiz-Jimenez -- Red stains on Carrara marble : a case study of the Certosa of Pavia, Italy / E. Zanardini [and others] -- Microbial processes in the deterioration of Maya archaeological buildings in southern Mexico / C. McNamara [and others] -- Microbiodeterioration of mural paintings : a review / J. Karbowska-Berent -- Methodological approaches to the study of stone alteration caused by cyanobacterial biofilms in hypogean environments / P. Albertano -- Study of microbial communities colonizing hypogean monument surfaces using nondestructive and destructive sampling methods / C. Urzì [and others] -- Deterioration in historic and archaeological woods from terrestrial sites / R.A. Blanchette -- Degradation patterns in waterlogged wood and the two-step peg treatment for large archaeological finds : the case of the Bremen Cog / P. Hoffmann -- The conservation of the wooden objects from Gordion, Turkey : methods for the treatment of dry archaeological wood / E. Simpson -- Deterioration and conservation issues associated with Antarctica's historic huts / B.W. Held [and others] -- Evaluating the wooden remnants of the Tektas Burnu shipwreck / J.A. Jurgens, R.A. Blanchette, and D.N. Carlson -- Visual assessment of biocide effects on Japanese paint materials / J. Suzuki and R.J. Koestler -- Anoxic eradication of fungi in wooden objects / C. Tavzes [and others] -- Microbiological impurity of conservation treatment waters / V. Bullock -- Consequences of microbe-biofilm-salt interactions for stone integrity in monuments / E. May, S. Papida, and H. Abdulla -- Mechanisms of microbial calcium carbonate precipitation / C. Barabesi [and others] -- Biomediated calcite precipitation for the reinforcement of monumental stones / P. Tiano, S. Bracci, and S. Rescic -- Biological mortars : a solution for stone sculpture conservation / G. Orial, Th. Vieweger, and J.-F. Loubiere -- Biocides and treatment of stone : limitations and future prospects / M.P. Nugari and O. Salvadori -- The use of metallic oxides in control of biological growth on outdoor monuments / D.P. Wessel -- In defense of the fungi / A.R. Cavaliere.

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