The Visser Collection: Arms of the Netherlands in the Collection of H. L. Visser. (7 physical books) Volume I: Catalogue of Firearms, Swords and Related Objects, parts I-IV. Part I: Catalogue Numbers 1-243; Part II: Catalogue Numbers 244-295; Part III: Catalogue Numbers 496-758. Part IV: Smallarms, matchlock, wheellock, flintlock and percussion guns, rifles, pistols, revolvers, repeating and multi-shot arms; edged weapons; powder horns, flasks and other accessories; powder-testers, tinder boxes, combination weapons. Volume II: Ordnance: Cannon, Mortars, Swivel-Guns, Muzzle- and Breech-Loaders. Volume III: Dutch Guns in Russia: In the Moscow Kremlin Armoury, Moscow Historical Museum, Hermitage St Petersburg, Gatchina Palace Museum. Volume IV: Aspects of Dutch making.

Zwolle: Waanders Publishers, 1996, 1997. Hardbound. Blue cloth with tan color-illustrated dustjackets. VG++. Item #125874

ISBN for Vol. 1 (1996), parts 1-3: 9040098816. Vol. 1, part 4 (D. De Vries & B. J. Martens, 2007): 9078521023. Vol. 2 (1996, authored by Rudi Roth): 9040098824. Vol. 3 (1996, various authors): 9040098832. Vol. 4(H.L. Visser and D.W. Bailey, 1997): 9040098840. A monumental and vital set for the study of Dutch Arms. Lacks two sheets of errata and corregenda for two pieces 480 and 753, which were omitted from the original books. Very heavy set, figure 50 pounds. From Librarium of The Hague: The Visser collection of arms made in the 17th and 18th centuries in the Netherlands is comprehensive and world famous. Parts of it have been exhibited in the Kremlin in Moscow and at the Tower of London. Its strength lies in the first-rate quality of the pieces and the many rare and unique items. Apart from the technical and historical aspects, Mr. Visser has always been interested in the artistic value of the collection, for example the extraordinary carving, the spectacularly worked ivory gun stocks and intricate inlays. The Rijksmuseum Amsterdam has succeeded in acquiring approximately 300 outstanding items from the Visser collection of 17th-century arms. An extensive selection from this remarkable acquisition was on display in the museum in 2002. 7 physical books, a complete set except as noted.

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