Alvan Clark & Sons: Artists in Optics

Richmond, Virginia: Willmann-Bell, Inc. / National Museum of American History, Smithsonian Institution, 1995. Second Edition. Hardcover. Glossy blue & illus. boards, 298 pp., 121 BW illus. VG+. Item #147003
ISBN: 0943396468

"Alvan Clark and his two sons, George Bassett and Alvan Graham, figured importantly in the great expansion of astronomical facilities which occurred during the second half of the 19th century. ... Here, for the first time, more than 600 optical instruments made by the Clarks and their successors are systematically catalogued. ... An entire section of the book is devoted to a systematic description of the smaller Clark telescopes and will be particularly helpful in identifying heretofore uncatalogued Clark instruments that certainly must exit and are scattered across the world. Since Alvan Clark was a successful portrait and miniature painter his known works are also described and catalogued here."

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